Dystonia online groups

Here’s a list of cervical dystonia support groups, including descriptions and their respective URLs for direct access:

1. Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Support Groups –  Offers various support groups for people with different types of dystonia, including cervical dystonia. These groups provide a platform for connecting, sharing experiences, and receiving support. Find a local support group near you through their website.


2. Cervical Dystonia Support Forum (Facebook Group) – An online support group on Facebook specifically for people with cervical dystonia, offering a space for members to discuss their experiences, share advice, and support each other.


3. Dystonia Online Support Groups (Facebook) –  Various online support groups on Facebook linked by the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation, including those for cervical dystonia, where people can connect and share their experiences.


4.  Cervical Dystonia Support Group (Meetup) –  A platform where individuals with cervical dystonia can find and join local groups for in-person meetups, sharing experiences, and mutual support.


5. Cervical Dystonia Support Network” (Facebook Group)  –  This group on Facebook is dedicated to providing support, sharing information, and connecting people who have cervical dystonia.


6.  Cervical Dystonia Community (HealthUnlocked) – : An online community on HealthUnlocked where people with cervical dystonia can share their experiences, get advice, and find support from others who understand the condition.


Each of these groups offers a unique platform for support, information, and community connection for individuals affected by cervical dystonia.